All About FanHouse: The Future of Creator-Fan Engagement

FanHouse is one of the content subscription platforms that has changed how we engage with content creators and influencers. This innovative platform removes the gap between fans and their favorite personalities by offering a sneak …

what is fanhouse

FanHouse is one of the content subscription platforms that has changed how we engage with content creators and influencers. This innovative platform removes the gap between fans and their favorite personalities by offering a sneak peek into behind-the-scenes moments, access to personalized interactions, and unique content not found anywhere else. 

By giving priority to user experience and community engagement, FanHouse allows creators to monetize their passion and give fans access to their favorite content creators. Whether looking to know more about the people who inspire you or improve your creative journey, FanHouse is shaping the future of digital fandom.

FanHouse has come out to be an alternative to established platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon. By offering a space that promotes genuine interaction and community building, FanHouse is changing how creators share their work and connect with their audience. 

Let’s learn more about FanHouse and explore how it’s setting up a new environment for content creators and fans alike.

About FanHouse- What is It?

In the digital world, where the connection between content creators and their audience is of the utmost importance, FanHouse is a new platform promoting innovation and engagement. This platform is a Safe For Work (SFW) environment that encourages deep, meaningful interactions between creators and their fans. Unlike its competitors, FanHouse provides a space where content creators can monetize their work through various avenues without compromising content quality or community values.

FanHouse enables creators to earn revenue in several ways, including subscriptions, tips, locked messages, custom video requests, and referrals, among others. What sets it apart is its commitment to creating a safe, respectful space for both creators and fans, ensuring that all interactions remain positive and mutually beneficial.

Since its launch in 2020, FanHouse has made significant progress in the creator industry. The platform has successfully paid over $1 million to its community of more than 700 content creators. It currently has 650 creators and 5,600 monthly active users, which shows its growth and capability to remove the gap between creators and their supporters.

Behind FanHouse’s growth and success are Rosie Nguyen, Khoi Le, and Jerry Megn, who helped take FanHouse toward its goal of empowering creators. Their collective experience and passion for promoting genuine connections in the digital world have made FanHouse what it is today.

Features of FanHouse

FanHouse is designed to help develop deep connections between creators and their fans. This platform is not just about content sharing; it’s a space where creators can share uncut footage, and lifestyle podcasts, and even offer coaching on managing relationships. FanHouse lets creators monetize their influence and establish meaningful relationships and deliver deeper value to their subscribers. 

Here are some of the highlighting features of FanHouse:

  1. Fan Subscriptions

FanHouse’s monetization strategy allows creators to set up fan subscriptions. This feature lets content creators set a flat fee for fans, providing an exclusive space for content enjoyment, interaction, and community building. Creators can adjust their subscription prices as they need, offering alternative paywall options to cater to different types of content and fan engagement levels.

  1. Group Chats

FanHouse offers live group chats where fans can join conversations with their favorite creators. This feature promotes real-time interaction and enables fans to connect, resulting in a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere.

  1. Unique Watermarks

Protecting creators’ work and ideas is crucial. FanHouse ensures the safety of the creator’s work by allowing uploaded pictures and videos to be watermarked. This feature helps prevent unauthorized distribution and leaks of content, ensuring creators have control over their work.

  1. Secret Passcode

Creators can set up a secret passcode to offer special access to their top fans. This feature adds an extra layer of uniqueness and personalization, providing the most dedicated fans with special access to content.

  1. Spotify Top Listeners

What sets FanHouse apart is its collaboration with Spotify. Creators can set up a Spotify wall, allowing access to their private feed for fans who list them as top artists on Spotify. This feature not only serves as a stand-out factor but also takes advantage of music preferences to build a more engaged and personalized fan base.

  1. HouseChat and FanWall

FanHouse provides unique social tools like HouseChat and FanWall, where fans can connect and communicate effectively with each other. These features encourage community engagement and allow fans to share their experiences, discuss content, and foster connections within the platform.

How Can You Earn Money on FanHouse?

Along with its amazing features, FanHouse makes an effort to provide a Safe For Work (SFW) environment, allowing creators to express themselves freely and build their brand without resorting to explicit content. This system ensures a respectful and positive space for both creators and fans, in agreement with FanHouse’s mission to promote digital content creation through meaningful engagement and community building.

FanHouse presents a new opportunity for content creators to monetize their creativity, passion, and engagement with their fanbase. In comparison with platforms like OnlyFans, FanHouse offers a variety of revenue models tailored to suit the diverse needs and strategies of creators. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can use FanHouse to generate income.

Lock Content

One of the primary ways to monetize on FanHouse is by locking content behind a paywall. This feature allows creators to lock in special content for their most dedicated fans, who can unlock it through Housechats and DMs. The special content can be behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive insights, or personal stories. By locking content, FanHouse encourages fans to subscribe for premium access, which results in a steady revenue stream for content creators.

Custom Requests

FanHouse lets creators cater to the unique desires of their audience through custom requests. This personalized approach enhances fan engagement and opens up diverse revenue channels. Creators can offer a wide range of customized services, such as special wishes, voice notes, video shoutouts, tarot readings, custom cosplays, tattoo designs, and more. By setting a price for these custom services, creators can boost their earnings while providing value and exclusivity to their fans.


A direct and immediate way to earn on FanHouse is through tips. Fans have the option to tip their favorite creators on posts, showing appreciation for their work. This not only serves as a token of gratitude from fans but also supplements the creator’s income, motivating them to continue producing engaging content.

Brand Deals

Engaging in brand deals is another option for monetization on FanHouse. These partnerships typically involve a one-time promotion of a product or service, where creators create content that aligns with the brand’s requirements and guidelines. Before going live, posts might need approval from the brand, to ensure that both parties’ standards are met. Brand deals can significantly boost a creator’s earnings, especially when they align well with the creator’s image and audience interests.

Brand Ambassador

Creators who excel in brand partnerships can step into a more permanent role as brand ambassadors. This position comes with more responsibilities, such as maintaining the brand’s URL in the profile bio, publishing sponsored posts monthly, and displaying the brand logo in live streams. Becoming a brand ambassador not only offers a consistent revenue source but also adds to the creator’s portfolio and market value.

Which Type of Content is Allowed on FanHouse?

FanHouse is a versatile and multipurpose platform, catering to a wide array of content niches. In a major move, FanHouse recently released an exclusive space designed specifically for musicians, expressing its commitment to supporting artists across various domains. This initiative aims to build deeper connections between musicians and their fans, thereby contributing to community growth and engagement. 

While FanHouse is open to a broad variety of content, it has a strict policy against inappropriate sexual material, ensuring the platform remains Safe For Work (SFW) and welcoming to a diverse audience. This approach allows creators to explore and share their passions within a respectful and supportive environment, whether they’re into lifestyle blogging, fitness coaching, art, or any other niche.

How Does Payout Work on FanHouse?

FanHouse HAS a creator-friendly payout system, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility. Content creators on FanHouse get weekly payments, issued between Monday and Wednesday, without a minimum threshold. This means even earnings as low as $2 per week are paid out so that creators are compensated for their efforts at all levels. Payments are sent directly to the creators’ bank accounts via Stripe, allowing for a seamless and secure transfer of funds.

Within the FanHouse platform, creators have access to a dedicated ‘creator portal’, a comprehensive dashboard where they can keep track of their earnings and receive detailed breakdowns. This transparency and accessibility highlight FanHouse’s commitment to supporting its creators at every step of their journey. Additionally, the Stripe dashboard offers an easy-to-use interface for managing financial transactions.

Creators aiming to expand their presence on FanHouse can apply for profile verification through the creator portal, provided they meet certain criteria. These requirements include having over 250k followers across selected social media platforms, verification on these platforms, or acquiring 250+ paying subscribers on FanHouse. This verification process gives artists credibility and unlocks additional features, further enhancing the creator and fan experience.

To protect the community and ensure a secure environment, FanHouse imposes certain restrictions for new creators. Features like locked messages and tips become available only after making it to 5 paying fans, a measure to prevent fraud and harassment. Upon reaching this point, creators are notified, and the full suite of features becomes accessible, allowing them to fully make use of the platform’s potential.

Regarding financial transactions, FanHouse offers a fair and transparent model and keeps a mere 10% commission to cover operational costs. This leaves creators with 90% of every transaction, a fair rate that reflects FanHouse’s dedication to supporting its creators financially. Compared to other fan club websites, FanHouse’s commission structure is much more favorable, reflecting its dedication to providing a supportive and rewarding platform for content creators.

FanHouse vs. OnlyFans: Are They The Same?

When comparing FanHouse with OnlyFans, it’s important to understand the similarities and key differences that explain each platform’s unique niche within the content subscription service industry. Both platforms serve as spaces for creators to build and grow a community of fans through subscription-based content. However, the nature of the content they support and the communities they cater to vary significantly.

OnlyFans is widely recognized as an online content subscription service that has gained popularity among sex workers, offering a platform for sharing sexually explicit content. This openness to adult content has made OnlyFans a pivotal space for creators in the adult entertainment industry to monetize their work directly through fan subscriptions.

In contrast, FanHouse describes itself as a PG-13 platform, strongly objecting to sexually explicit content. This difference is significant for the platform’s branding and operational strategy, as it allows FanHouse to foster a different type of community. 

By setting these content guidelines, FanHouse can collaborate with popular payment gateways that offer lower fees, and attract investments from entities with strict policies against adult content. The platform can also appeal to influencers and content creators who want to stay away from the sex work industry.


What is happening with FanHouse?

FanHouse is steadily growing, providing a safe-for-work platform where creators connect with fans through subscriptions and personalized content. It’s developing into a key player in the content subscription service industry by focusing on community engagement and excluding sexually explicit material.

Does FanHouse allow explicit content?

No, FanHouse does not allow explicit content. It is a PG-13 platform, completely avoiding sexually explicit material to ensure a safe, inclusive environment for both creators and fans, distinguishing itself from platforms like OnlyFans and FriendsOnly.

Who is the creator of FanHouse?

FanHouse was co-founded by Rosie Nguyen, who is also known by her online persona @jasmine rice girl. She, along with her Twitter friends Khoi Le and Jerry Megn, launched FanHouse to provide a safe, engaging platform for content creators and fans.

How do I connect my FanHouse to Discord?

To connect FanHouse to Discord, go to your FanHouse settings and look for the integration options. Follow the prompts to link your Discord account. This allows you to engage with your community directly through Discord, using both platforms for enhanced interaction.

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