What is FriendsOnly? FriendsOnly Vs OnlyFans – Which is Better?

OnlyFans was what created history in the world of content creators. Focussed on adult content and a subscription-based model, it has created a new space in content creation and monetization. However, it is not without …

Friendsonly vs onlyfans

OnlyFans was what created history in the world of content creators. Focussed on adult content and a subscription-based model, it has created a new space in content creation and monetization. However, it is not without a few shortcomings. That is perhaps why we have been witnessing several alternatives to OnlyFans. FriendsOnly is one such content creation platform that helps you create and sell any sort of content – with a focus on adult content. 

But what is the difference between OnlyFans and FriendsOnly? The primary difference between FriendsOnly and OnlyFans is quite minor. Of course, OnlyFans offers you a few premium features that may be lacking in FriendsOnly. FriendsOnly works more like a social media platform, to begin with. It lets you restrict your content to your friends and followers, while the focus on OnlyFans is to sell content to anyone who wants to buy.

What is FriendsOnly? 

FriendsOnly is a new content creation platform designed for those creating videos and other content and then sharing and earning for their unique content. When you compare it to OnlyFans, it appears more like a social media platform. However, the other aspects of the platform such as creating an account, age verification, and other elements of the platform are almost similar to OnlyFans. Both belong to the subscription-based content creation platform categories and help you monetize the content as per your preferences. 


FriendsOnly, just like OnlyFans, lets you make money by offering subscriptions or through the Pay Per View videos. While you can share your videos and other content for free – as on TikTok and similar platforms, but can also mark a few of them as paid and offer a subscription charge as you deem fit. 

Whether you are an adult content creator or a normal creator interested in other niches, and looking for a site like OnlyFans, FriendsOnly can fit your bill. 

How can content creators earn money on FriendsOnly?

If you are a content creator, you can sign up for an account on FriendsOnly and begin creating content. FriendsOnly offers you several means to earn money from the platform. 

As an Author (that is what FriendsOnly calls its content creators) on FriendsOnly, you can check out different means to make money.


The best and most popular among them is fan subscriptions. You can hide your videos behind a paywall and your subscribers (called fans) can pay the monthly subscription and access your videos. It is rather easy to make money through subscriptions on FriendsOnly, as compared to other options. 

This is one area that FriendsOnly differs from OnlyFans. OnlyFans needs you to create separate accounts if you want to offer both free and paid content. However, in FriendsOnly, you can have only one account and show both paid and free content. The paid content will be blurred for your non-paying friends. 

One-off fee videos

You can also make money on FriendsOnly which offers a one-off fee for your videos. This means any of your subscribers can pay a one-time fee for a particular video and access it. The best benefit of this monetization method is that it lets you charge more for your premium videos than a subscription amount. It can also be a great way to generate income from subscribers who do not want to make regular payments. 

Live streams

You can also set up a live stream and charge your customers for being part of the live stream. Some subscribers prefer being part of live streams as it is more interactive and interesting. 

Tipping and Private messages 

Apart from these major means of making money, you can also earn money on FriendsOnly in two other ways – Tipping and charging for private messages. Tipping is where subscribers send donations out of their free will. This is turned on by default for all Authors on FrienddsOnly. You can also keep your private messages behind a paywall and earn money. 

What type of content can be created on FriendsOnly?

FriendsOnly supports every type of legal content on the platform. Contrary to the beliefs, it is not a platform for adult content only. Even though it has content creators who post suggestive or sexually oriented content on the platform, you can filter such content if you are not comfortable. It lets you post your content across any genre – which includes fitness, cooking, education, and whatnot. 

Like most other social media platforms, FriendsOnly understands user preferences through an algorithm and showcases only relevant content to them. That means, if you are a content creator on OnlyFans, you can create content specifically targeted to your niche audience. 

OnlyFans vs FriendsOnly – A comparison

Both FriendsOnly and OnlyFans operate on almost the same principles. However, they differ only slightly based on their user interface and a few subscription options. 

A comparison between FriendsOnly and OnlyFans draws the following inferences: 

  • FriendsOnly offers a better impetus to new content creators. OnlyFans too claims to encourage new content creators, but that does not show in practice. If you are looking to find a budding content creator, FriendsOnly should be the best option to go with. 
  • Both OnlyFans and FriendsOnly take a 20% cut in your earnings. However, FriendsOnly increases the commission to up to 70%, which may mean you will keep only 30% of what you earn. 
  • FriendsOnly lets the content creators upload their videos on the platform. OnlyFans on the other hand lets the creators upload a varied list of content which includes pictures, text, videos, and GIFs. Selling feet pics on OnlyFans has been one of the lucrative ways to earn money. 
  • You cannot upload long-form videos on FriendsOnly. It only allows short-form videos like those on TikTok. OnlyFans lets you upload long-form videos. 
  • FriendsOnly lets you have both free and paid content on the same profile. OnlyFans will need you to create two separate accounts for uploading free and paid content. 
  • FriendsOnly is a safer platform as opposed to OnlyFans. OnlyFans is considered illegal and has been banned in some countries due to the objectionable content. 

Is FriendsOnly a better platform than OnlyFans? 

If you want to be a content creator in the adult niche or otherwise, FriendsOnly is the best choice for you. If you are already on OnlyFans, and checking out if FriendsOnly is better than OnlyFans, yes, it is better in terms of a few features. 

One of the features that you might love about the platform is the concept of gifts. FriendsOnly offers a gift program wherein it offers the creators exciting gifts upon reaching a certain number of subscribers. 

If you want to find out if FriendsOnly is better than OnlyFans., it is better to check the pros and cons of FriendsOnly. 


  • Better exposure and discoverability for new content creators
  • Exciting gifts for the content creators. The gifts may include Mercedes Benz, iPhones, travel packages, etc
  • Profile analytics feature to help you improve the performance of your profile 
  • Referral system


  • No options to upload content other than videos
  • No long-form videos supported
  • The commission rate may vary


FriendsOnly is a social media platform for bloggers, content creators, and influencers. A strong competitor to OnlyFans, it has become one of the popular platforms. It is more on the lines of TikTok and offers you an easier platform for monetizing your content. What makes it more appealing than OnlyFans is the fact that it offers more impetus to the new content creators. 

If you are looking for a powerful and equally capable OnlyFans alternative, FriendsOnly can be the best choice. Even with a few minor differences between the two, it does offer you a decent experience for enjoying the best possible monetization features. 

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