How To Start an OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has been on the route to becoming the best and most prolific platform these days. Content creators have been making much real money by creating an account on OnlyFans. Are you looking to begin …

How to start an onlyfans

OnlyFans has been on the route to becoming the best and most prolific platform these days. Content creators have been making much real money by creating an account on OnlyFans. Are you looking to begin your journey on OnlyFans? If yes, let us check out the steps to start an OnlyFans account and monetize it.

Starting an OnlyFans is extremely easy and straightforward. You can visit the official website, create an account with your email ID and password, sign yourself up as a Content Creator, and set up your profile. Post exclusive content and start earning.

What is OnlyFans? 

You may already be aware of OnlyFans. However, for those who are new to OnlyFans, it is a subscription-based content publishing service where content creators post high-quality content across genres and charge their subscribers for access to the content.

OnlyFans has grown over the last couple of years – thanks to the adult content boom. Many creators post explicit content on the site and build a following among their subscribers, called Fans. There is a huge variety of content available on OnlyFans, which includes suggestive content or even full, hard-core videos. However, you can also post topics of general interest as well on the site. 

How to Start an OnlyFans Account? 

Creating an OnlyFans account and setting up your profile is relatively easy and simple. It involves the same procedure as on the other social media services and platforms.

Step 1. Sign up on OnlyFans 

Visit the OnlyFans official site. Click on the “Sign Up for OnlyFans” link. You can then create your account by providing your email address and password. You can also sign up through X (formerly Twitter), or Google account. 

Visit and Click on the “Sign Up for OnlyFans”

Step 2. Set your user name, and bio, and provide other necessary information

OnlyFans assigns you a random username. You can change it to represent your brand and identity. Please note that you can change the user name only once. It is advisable to do enough brainstorming before changing it. You can also set the Display Name and Bio to represent your identity and give your fans an idea of what you want to post on the site.

You can begin editing the username, display name, and other details through the My Profile section on the left sidebar. 

Edit your onlyfans profile

Step 3. Configure your banking information

Set up your banking information to begin receiving subscriptions from your fans. Before you can share the banking information, you must complete setting up your profile image, Bio, and header image.

Do note that you need to get your account verified before you can share your banking information. It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to get your account verified. It is possible that your account may get rejected. But do not lose heart. OnlyFans lets you know the reason for rejection. Rectify the reasons, and you can get your account verified.

Step 4. Post content 

Begin posting content for your fans once you have set up an OnlyFans account. Until the time you gain enough subscribers, you can make your content accessible for free. OnlyFans lets you post several types of content which includes photos, videos, live streams, and other media. 

You can check out other content creators to get the right ideas and inspiration, but it is always essential to share exclusive content to be able to attract more fans. Make sure to adhere to the terms of service as long as you are posting and sharing your content on OnlyFans.

Step 5. Promote your OnlyFans page 

Promoting your content is highly important for attracting more subscribers so that your earning potential is increased. You can promote your page through other social media platforms, websites, email newsletters, and other means. Some of those platforms may have a few restrictions on sharing adult content. It is essential to be vigilant and stay alert to ensure you are not violating any guidelines.

Step 5. Engage with your subscribers 

The best way to get more followers is to ensure that you have open communication and engagement with your subscribers. You can do so through private messages, replies to comments, and many other ways. Ensure that you are responding to the special requests from time to time. You may also consider sharing your ideas through live streams.

How to Make an OnlyFans Account Without Followers?

OnlyFans can let you earn huge money, but you need to have an active fan base to help you achieve that. If you do not have a solid social media presence, it may not be that easy to set up an account and succeed on OnlyFans. However, it is not a difficult task either.

You can follow a few good tips to help you make an OnlyFans account with no followers.

1.     Find your niche and stay on it.

Choose your niche first. If you are not sure about what you are passionate about, you cannot make your fans interested in your content. Your fans will realize the lack of passion in what you do sooner than you can understand what’s wrong. Do remember that OnlyFans is quite popular with adult content, but it also lets you work with other niches such as cosplay, fitness, couples, feet photos, and comedy.

2.     Get inspired by other content creators.

Once you have chosen a niche, check other content creators in the same niche. Have a look at their posting schedule, the kind of OnlyFans content they post, and the way they interact with their fans. You can also explore the social media channels or profiles of these creators to get an idea of how they promote their content.

3.     Use Reddit to promote your content.

Reddit has been quite a practical platform to promote your OnlyFans account. It can be an excellent option to gain followers if you have started from scratch and do not have a strong social media presence. Reddit can be a great social media platform for promotion and can help you push your content quite effectively.

Reddit has subreddits dedicated to specific fields of interest. You can join the subreddits dedicated to a specific topic and promote your content therein. For instance, if you are posting foot fetish videos on OnlyFans, you can join a subreddit devoted to the topic.

4.     Begin with a free or lower subscription.

You can begin with the free OnlyFans account and post your content for free access. Many subscribers may not be willing to pay for the new accounts until they are sure that your content offers a value addition. Let the subscribers develop an interest in your content, and then you can increase your subscription charges.

How Long Will It Take to Become Successful on OnlyFans? 

There is no fixed time frame for becoming a successful content creator on OnlyFans. If you are someone who has no followers, it will take a little more time for you to hit big compared to the creators who have huge fan followings. In other words, do not expect to grow quickly if you have no followers and fan base. It will need a lot of creativity, hard work, and consistency to help you achieve success. 

There are, however, a few tips that can help you make it big on OnlyFans- 

  • Make sure to be creative and innovative in terms of creating the best content on the platform. 
  • Create accounts on multiple platforms and promote your content across them.
  • Get inspired by other content creators. You can even consider collaborating with them. 
  • Give a makeover to your OnlyFans account so that new viewers can get attracted to your profile.
  • Offer bundled offers and discounts. Ensure that these offers are made available only for a short period. 
  • Have a cordial relationship with your fans and provide them an insight into your life (to some extent).


It is quite simple and easy to make an OnlyFans account and set up your profile. However, it can get really tough to post quality content and be able to gain subscribers. Focus on creating high-quality content that can fetch more subscribers to your profile.


Can I post anonymously on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can post your content anonymously on OnlyFans. You can share a different display name if you are not comfortable sharing your real name. You can also decide not to show your face as well. 

Is it illegal to Join OnlyFans? 

No, it is never illegal to join OnlyFans. However, it may be noticed that OnlyFans is banned in some countries. If you belong to any of those countries, you may need to think before you can join the platform. 

What are the Signup requirements for Onlyfans?

You will need a profile image and a bio to make people recognize your account on OnlyFans. You may also need to have an ID to verify your age. Set up a profile image and a header image. Also, share your email ID for communication. You may decide to use your existing email ID or create a new one for OnlyFans. Share your bank details to receive your payments.

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